Subban (contract) mania

Our palms are sweaty and our knees are weak. PLUS MTL has Canada’s tiniest condo, STM makes 20 tiny changes to metro station names & more in our news round-up.


P.K. Subban

Get him signed: Oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God, why haven’t the Habs signed P.K. Subban yet? To us dull normals, the amount of money
thrown at NHL stars is laughable, but if the Montreal Canadiens are going to throw coin at someone, it might as well be the team’s best player. He’ll return next year, but it might take an arbitrator to determine for exactly how much.

Also, tennis: The Eugenie Army has arrived, all the way from Australia, to cheer on the Montreal tennis star at this weekend’s Rogers Cup. But will Ms. Bouchard bounce back from her Wimbledon smackdown on home turf? And has anyone spotted Jim Parsons yet?

Home small home: The condo market in the city often appears to defy logic, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the smallest condo in the country has popped up in Griffintown. Want to live in a college dorm-sized abode? It’ll cost you a cool $108,000.

Turn the page: The Chapters bookstore on Ste-Catherine and Stanley will close on Oct. 4, replaced by a flagship Victoria’s Secret. It was a particularly good Chapters for skimming books for hours on end without anyone bothering you, which probably explains the closure. In any case, Indigo, a few blocks east and owned by the same company, remains open.

What’s in a name: And in unnecessary changes news, the STM has approved a plan to alter the names of a few metro stations, mostly adding de’s and du’s to the likes of Parc and Verdun. Doe a deer, indeed.