Cycling in a park? $148 fine

Look what’s illegal now + Tremblay thinks he’s Jesus, four stabbings happen in and around downtown bars within 24 hours & more in our news round-up.


Paths less travelled: Some cyclists in Parc Lafontaine learned the hard way this week that riding on pavement in parks (when it’s not a designated bike path) is illegal. While cops don’t seem to be cracking down on cyclists who use the city’s sidewalks (based on how often we dodge them on a daily basis), cycling in a park apparently warrants a fine of between $100 and $300.

Tremblay speaks: Former mayor Gérald Tremblay has been as quiet as a monk since resigning in disgrace back in 2012, but no more. The devout man of faith did an interview with the local Catholic radio station (yes, we have one), and pretty much threw stones at everyone but himself. Judas!, he cried to unspecific former colleagues. And is it just me or did he compare the executive committee to the Last Supper?

Matadive: There was a triple stabbing during a bar brawl at the Bull Pub in the shady portion of Shaughnessy Village on Thursday. That would be the non-Sergakis Bull-related dive in the hood, if you’re keeping score.

Crescent Street blues: There was a fourth downtown stabbing within 24 hours, if you’re keeping score of that, too. This one happened in an alley before the victim staggered over to the nightclub strip on Crescent. Thankfully none of these attacks were fatal. But please cool it with the knives, bros.

Community chest: Don’t you hate it when you lend your car to someone, and they end up stealing your battery? Okay, that’s never happened to us before, but the ever-trusting car-sharing service Communauto was an easy mark for a couple of battery thieves, who managed to swipe 100 of them before getting caught.

Osheaga’s filling up: If you’re still on the fence about hitting up Parc Jean-Drapeau for Osheaga on Aug 1-3, consider making up your mind in a hurry. Festival organizers announced this week they’re sold out of general admission three-day passes. There are still single-day tickets available and three-day gold passes. ■