PHOTOS: MUTEK + Elektra = EM15

Two companies that normally mount their electronic music & digital arts fests separately joined forces this year to mark their 15th anniversaries. Here’s what EM15 looked like, by photographer Cindy Lopez.

Intercity-Express. Photos by Cindy Lopez
From May 27 to June 1, the MUTEK electronic music fest and Elektra digital arts fest celebrated their 15th anniversaries by mounting one festival together: EM15.

At the Phi Centre, the MAC, the Imperial, Metropolis and on the Place des Arts esplanade, loads of free shows and affordable ticketed events brought together throngs of art connoisseurs, techno obsessives, party people and cultural explorers to enjoy the bold sounds and bright lights that EM15 had to offer.

Photographer Cindy Lopez documented the event:
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