Parc Oxygène’s last breath?

The long-embattled people’s park may be fighting its last fight + an offer that Montreal’s mafia couldn’t refuse, the liquor board kills our buzz & more in our news round-up.

Parc Oxygene 2

People’s park threatened: Parc Oxygène, the back-alley green space in Milton Parc made by residents, has always been in danger of getting razed – it stands on privately owned land, after all – but with borough iron-fist rulers Projet Montréal approving a condo development there last February, it looks like the neighbourhood oasis could be removed any day now.

Godfather clause: The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit dropped the hammer on a couple of Italian-based crime organizations yesterday. While that in itself is all in a day’s work (and perhaps bad news for BlackBerry, because it was through their phones that they got caught), the name of the operation was Project Clemenza, presumably named after the character from The Godfather who famously uttered “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.” Your move, St. Hubert advertisements.

Party crashers: Montreal’s pilot project to extend last call on Crescent and St-Denis will not come to pass. June 12 was supposed to be the first night of a four-weekend plan to keep serving suds till 5:30 a.m. but the liquor board was a total buzzkill and rejected the proposal. You don’t have to go home, but when 3 a.m. hits tonight, you won’t be able to stay at Winnie’s.

Kicked from the curb: So long and fuck you to the ugly anti-homeless spikes in front of Archambault on Berri and St-Catherine. They were put up on Tuesday morning, but they didn’t even last to the end of the day, after Mayor Denis Coderre went on a social media tirade about the cruel contraptions. ■