The facts about Montreal’s 30 food trucks

Here’s what kind of cuisine you can expect to find rolling down our streets this summer.

Cheese truck

Le Cheese

Montreal’s food truck season begins on May 1, bringing mobile kitchens to sites all over town, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. (opening and closing hours vary).

To help you get a handle on what kinds of meals on wheels we can enjoy this summer, we’ve listed all 30 trucks, what restaurants they’re affiliated with (if any) and what their specialties are.

To see a list of food truck locations, look here, and to see where each truck is stationed at any given moment (and until what time they’re open on any given day), check out this handy site.


Alexis Le Gourmand

Brick & mortar location: 1407 St-Jacques

Specialty: This gourmet grocer and caterer sells, prepares and serves local and European products. Their food truck menu is a mystery, for the moment.


IMG_20130727_185821Boîte à Fromages

Brick & mortar location: Restaurant Tonnerre de Brest, 1134 Van Horne

Specialty: French bistro fare with an emphasis on raclette. Basically anything tastes good under that cheese melt.


Les Brigands

Brick & mortar location: none

Specialty: Pie. Last year’s menu included tuna mac ‘n’ cheese pie and smashing pumpkin pie, as well as blueberry turnovers and cold borscht.


Café Larue & fils

Brick & mortar location: 244 de Castelnau E.

Specialty: The café/bistro serves paninis and desserts, and we imagine that their truck follows suit.


Dispatch Coffee

Brick & mortar location: none

Specialty: Espresso. Sustainable coffee.


IMG_20130727_190326Camion Au Pied de Cochon

Brick & mortar location: 536 Duluth E.

Specialty: Pork, duck and donuts, by the team from the decadent gourmet restaurant, presided over by chef Martin Picard.


Chaud Dogs

Brick & mortar location: none

Specialty: 100 per cent hand-crafted hot dogs topped with seasonal ingredients.


Le Cheese

Brick & mortar location: Cosmos (5843 Sherbrooke W.), 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

Specialty: Everything cheese: mac ‘n’ cheese, grilled cheese, Philly cheese steaks, deep fried cheesecake & cheesy tater tots



Brick & mortar location: none

Specialty: Sweet and savoury crêpes, served out of a converted Canada Post truck, along with ice cream and sorbet from Bilboquet, organic coffee and lemonade. This truck has been on the road for five years.



Brick & mortar location: none

Specialty: Classic Bavarian with a Québécois twist. Schnitzel and bratwurst plates, or with cones of fries, or on top of poutine. Also a chicken schnitzel double-down, with caramelized bacon, emmental cheese and currywurst between a pair of schnitzels. Double damn.


Dim Sum Montréal

Brick & mortar location: none

Specialty: Traditional fare characteristic Chinese meal, specifically steamed buns and dumplings stuffed with pork, shrimp or vegetables.


Fous’Truck, bar à croissants

Brick & mortar location: Fous Desserts (809 Laurier E.)

Type of business: Fluffy French pastries.



Brick & mortar location: 351 Isabey (near the 40)

Specialty: Waffles.


Le Gourmand Vagabond

Brick & mortar location: Le IMG_20130727_184619Marché de Saveurs at Jean-Talon Market (280 Place du marché du nord)

Specialty: Sandwiches, salads and desserts in equal measure, served out of a converted fire truck.


Grumman ’78

Brick & mortar location: 630 de Courcelle

Specialty: Tacos and sip-sacks full of classic Mexican beverages. The restaurant is more of a Mexican-inspired bistro than street food.


Landry & filles

Brick & mortar location: none

Specialty: Hearty grub (meatloaf sandwiches) and creative concoctions (ploye au saumon: smoked salmon, egg, roe and greens in an injera wrap).



Brick & mortar location: 5626 Monkland

Specialty: Seafood, especially oysters.


IMG_20130727_185825Lucky’s Truck

Brick & mortar location: 8855 Parc

Specialty: An award-winning poutine, with canard confit, foie gras and red wine gravy, caramelized onions with balsamic vinegar and cheese, along with sandwiches, po’boys and burgers.


Nomade So6 par Accords

Brick & mortar location: 138 Atwater kiosk 11 (Atwater Market, May through October)

Specialty: All-pork/no-filler sausages.


Ô sœurs volantes

Brick & mortar location: 780 Rosemont

Specialty: Their restaurant (which doubles as an organic grocer) specializing in hearty, meaty bistro plates and sandwiches as well as salads and desserts.


IMG_20130920_211556P.A. & Gargantua

Brick & mortar location: none

Specialty: Grilled cheese. They claim that their six varieties are among the world’s best.


La Panthère mobile

Brick & mortar location: La Panthère verte (2153 Mackay, 66 St-Viateur W., 145 Mont-Royal E.)

Specialty: Vegan. The truck is said to serve the same dishes as their restaurants, including their famous falafels.


Pas d’cochon dans mon salon

Brick & mortar location: none

Specialty: Pulled pork sandwiches, but they also do oysters and spicy gaspacho.


Phoenix 1

Brick & mortar location: Royal Phoenix (5788 St-Laurent)

Type of business: “Urban sandwiches,” packed with either braised pork, tandoori chicken, gravlax or banana and chocolate.


Le point sans g

Brick & mortar location: none

Specialty: Gluten-free. Menu items include quinoa, mushroom and eggplant tapenade burgers, fried gnocchi and mortadella grilled cheese with pesto and pistachios.


Le Quai roulant

Brick & mortar location: none

Specialty: Seafood. Fish and chips, crab cakes, shrimp rolls and seafood poutine.


IMG_20130727_190220Le Super Truck

Brick & mortar location: 2072 Drummond (according to their Facebook page — this is Ariel Restaurant, currently closed for renovations)

Specialty: Crispy and crunchy meats, from fried chicken to wrapped duck to lettuce-encased pork belly. The “masked chef” claims to have been born in a food truck.


Le Tuktuk

Brick & mortar location: 5619 Côte-des-Neiges

Specialty: Thai. Phat thai and khao phat (pad thai and fried rice with seafood or vegetables), imperial rolls, fried chicken, shrimp beignets and more.



Brick & mortar location: Nouveau Palais (281 Bernard W.)

Specialty: Burgers! The Mile End diner has a relatively extensive menu of quality comfort foods and cocktails, but their signature burger is particularly popular.



Brick & mortar location: 8855 Parc

Specialty: Sandwiches, with a Meditarranean accent. ■