Sharing the road

Trucks, sharks and fire attack the city, a pack of festivals announce their programming & more in our news round-up.


Sharing the road: There was another accident involving a cyclist getting hit by a truck this morning, this time on the corner of St-Urbain and de Maisonneuve. This comes a week after Mathilde Blais was killed when she was hit by a transport truck. Following Blais’s death, the city announced plans to make underpasses safer for cyclists. Stay safe out there.

Shark bites bird: Kim Popp, the wife of longtime Montreal Alouettes football team GM Jim Popp, was bitten by a shark last week in South Carolina, (odds: 1 in 11.5 million, says Jim). Luckily she’s fine, but Jim did post a few frightening pictures of her bitten foot and leg on his Twitter.

Fire on the Main: If you happened to walk along St-Laurent on Wednesday, you might have noticed a worrisome amount of smoke coming from the building that houses Maison Thai just above des Pins. The fire is believed to have started at the restaurant before spreading upwards.

Coup de laughs: Who’s coming to Just for Laughs this year? Everyone. Seriously. Seth Rogen? Yup. Aziz Ansari? Hell yes. Don Rickles? Damn right. People from shows you love but don’t know their names? Plenty of those. One of these years, we’d be down to see one of these world famous comics get caught on Just for Laughs Gags.

Meanwhile, on the fringes: Not to be outdone, tickets for Montreal’s Fringe Festival went on sale this week. It’s the most participatory of performance art festivals, because heroes are made and shows are dramatically retooled based on word-of-mouth and feedback. So check out the schedule and ask around about what’s good.

And on the walls: The details of the second annual MURAL Festival were also announced this week: Local and international artists are due to pretty up St-Laurent Blvd. again this summer, with 20 new murals going up between June 12 and 15. And while you’re down there looking at the walls, buy a drink or a sandwich or something. St-Laurent needs a little love. ■