This record label opens up a world of sound

Thomas Von Party tells us about the new label he co-founded — Multi Culti — and tomorrow’s spring fertility launch party.

Multi Culti
New half-Montreal, half-Australian record label Multi Culti isn’t defined by a particular sound – it’s defined by a place.

“I’m going to be exploring my ideal party,” says label co-founder Thomas Von Party – a man who has certainly lived up to his moniker over the years – before reflecting on what could become the nascent label’s unshakable catchphrase. “It’s a jungle acid party… or rainforest house.”

There are, of course, no FernGullies in Montreal. But with the right soundtrack, and some potted plants, any space can serve as a surrogate exotic getaway. Von Party – also a big cheese at Turbo Recordings and brother of Tiga – hopes to provide the former by combing the world for one-of-a-kind party experiences and then capturing their sounds.

“A nice thing about travelling is getting to sample different places, and I want our output to share that feeling of discovery,” he says. “We just released something by Thomash. He’s in Sao Paolo, and he does a great party there called Voodoo Hop. The ethos of the label is to find and showcase those special things that have their own identity. I want listeners to be inspired by new and different things, and to still feel like they can learn from music.”

Thomas Von Party
Thomas Von Party

So far, Multi Culti has released music by an eccentric Chilean cómeme-adjacent group MKRNI (pronounced Macaroni) and remixes for Swiss-meets-Burkina Faso collaborative song “Nenekri.” They’ve also released “From a Distance,” an electronic tune with ohm chanting from Montrealer Clarian. There’s also a record from Dreems, the label’s Australian half. The party stalwart also goes by Angelo Cruzman and Gus da Hoodrat.

For the label’s launch, Von Party and Gus are planning a celebration of spring that, if not legendary, will at least be unique. Von Party will be decamping from his own club, Datcha, for the more fitting Salon Daomé. His entrepreneurial soul brothers, the Bethlehem XXX crew, will be catering the “Pachanga” spring fertility party.

“I was inspired by the Beltane Fire festival in Scotland,” Von Party says. “It’s this pagan celebration where people are naked and head-to-toe in body paint at the top of this cold hill in Edinburgh. We survived the winter — let the full-on mating season begin.”

One might get the impression Multi Culti is all about bacchanalia. Von Party says otherwise, to the extent where he might even change his legendary nickname on future recordings for something less restrictive. He also doesn’t want Multi Culti to be the sort of niche label that only appeals to electronic music buffs. He hopes to use the name to promote not just music, but espouse a certain psychedelic zen lifestyle.

“We also want music that’s good to chill out to,” he says. “A nice playlist for when you’re cooking at home, or doing yoga.” ■
Multi Culti spring fertility Pachanga party, with Dreems, Clarian and Thomas Von Party, happens at Salon Daomé (141 Mont-Royal E.), on Friday, April 18, 7 p.m.