Angloing, going, gone!

Anglo anxiety, Coderre snubs Rob Ford & more in our news round-up.

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Anglospora: If you’re an anglo and have been thinking about making a run for the 401, you’re not alone. According to a new EKOS/CBC poll, 42 per cent of anglos are tanné-d of the PQ and ready to bounce. Is there good poutine in Toronto? Asking for a friend.

Visagelivre: Not even the untamed wild of social media is free from Bill 101, apparently. A boutique on the Quebec side of our Nation’s Capital Region was given a stern letter from the OQLF this week for not posting bilingual messages on their Facebook page. No word on whether the language police poked them first.

Ramp in peace: A 21-pothole salute for the venerable St-Jacques ramp onto the eastbound Ville-Marie, which was closed permanently this week. I’ll be paying tribute to the closure later this year, when my out-of-date GPS tells me to drive onto a road that doesn’t exist anymore and I blindly follow it.

Mayor distraction: I think many of us would be pretty stoked to meet Toronto crackstar mayor Rob Ford, if only to gawk and grab a selfie. Montreal’s mayor, on the other hand, wasn’t so thrilled at the prospect. Canada’s big city mayors held an annual meeting, and Coderre said he didn’t talk to his Toronto counterpart. Or shake his hand. Or even look at him. I’m guessing they didn’t share a pint either.

Dude, Where’s My Bike? Remember that time you lost your bike, and your parents reassured you by saying it had gone to a better place? Well, it ended up somewhere, at least. Montreal’s bounty of stolen bikes, 20,000 of them a year, end up in all sorts of places, including Africa, according to recent report by Rad-Can investigative show Enquête.

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