The GOODS goes from music to film

We speak to Scott Clyke about the GOODS Black Cinema Series.


The GOODS is a Montreal staple. Since 2002, Scott C and Andy Williams have promoted good music through their Sunday afternoon radio show on CKUT, their monthly gig at Sala Rossa (normally the last Saturday of the month — the next one is Feb. 22) and other events/DJ nights around the city. Now they’re expanding to promote good movies.


They’ve teamed up with Black History Month and the Rialto for the GOODS Black Cinema Series. On Feb. 2 and 9, they’ll be broadcasting their radio show live from the Rialto Box Office from 2–4 p.m. while moviegoers enjoy the films they’ve selected.

I spoke to Scott Clyke earlier this week about the cinema series and his selection process.

Kayla Marie Hillier: How did the GOODS film series come about?
Scott Clyke: Well to tell you honestly, in all the years that we’ve been doing the GOODS — this is the 11th year that we’ve been doing our monthly, which is completely separate from the film series — I get a lot of offers to do different kinds of events, mostly musical stuff. And a lot films come into our lap but we don’t necessarily have the resources or the place to screen these things. And it just kind of worked out that the Rialto was available for some of the things we wanted to do. Originally we were just going to screen older films, and then we had the opportunity to get a hold of Bobbito Garcia’s Doin’ It in the Park and that’s ending up to be a Canadian premiere of this movie, it’s never been screened in Canada.

doin it in the park
Doin’ It in the Park

KMH: Are you hoping that this’ll become a more regular event?
SC: I’d love to do this three or four times a year. There’s certainly enough movies out there that we could do that. It’s just a matter of making the dates work and being able to screen them in their proper glory.

KMH: What kind of criteria do you have for picking the flicks?
SC: Simply, they’re movies that we like in one way or another. Rockers is a movie I watched with a bunch of people when I was, like, 17. Wattstax is another movie where a lot of people know the soundtrack, because it’s a record that you can find quite easily. But not so many people have seen the movie and can connect it to the Watts riots of 1965 and what came out of that. It’s just movies that we think people should see. Movies that maybe haven’t been seen on the big screen in a very long time and just things that people can have fun with and just check out and have a great time. ■

The GOODS Black Cinema Series at the Rialto (5723 Parc), begins on Sunday, Feb. 2 with a screening of Wattstax at 3 p.m. and Black Belt Jones at 7 p.m., $10/ea. For more information head here.


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