6 heavy shows make for a heavy weekend

…and one of them could prove to be the best show of 2014.

facebookOkay. What is sure to be the show of the year is happening over the weekend: Godspeed You! Black Emperor/Neurosis at Metropolis. Saturday night is indeed sold out, but as of this writing, there are still a few tickets left for the Sunday night show. As simply stunning as Godspeed is live, they may have finally met their match in the brutal beauty of Neurosis. This is going to be fuggin’ heavy!!!!!!

Here are the shows that aren’t Godspeed/Neurosis:

Thursday: This night is owned by the one and only DJ Carl Ulrich (no ironic nom de plume for ol’ Mr. Ulrich) who returns to Notre Dame des Quilles with his Rock & Soul Fever night. 32 Beaubien E.

Friday: CKUT proves yet again that they know how to throw a party when they blow out the candles at Brasserie Beaubien for their Celebrate Art night. A star-studded event indeed, with performances from the CKUT Circuit Workshop, Fakes, Moon Hag, Aim Low, Freelove Fenner, and Nouveau Zodiaque, with DJ Damn Brunettes keeping it spinning. 73 Beaubien E.

Also happening on Friday is my fifth wave ska band USA Out of Vietnam, who will plunk our sorry asses down at Casa. The real reason you should be making the scene is to check out the sublime drones of thisquietarmy. A helluva lot of talent in the mitts of that kid. 4873 St-Laurent

Saturday: Starting immediately after the Godspeed/Neurosis show, and conveniently a stone’s throw away at Katacombes, is the Hogtown beatdown of S.H.I.T. and Hassler. 1635 St-Laurent

For all of the kids now slobbering over the ’90s, you can catch one of the legendary Elephant 6 bands, Neutral Milk Hotel, with Elf Power at Olympia. 1004 Ste-Catherine E.

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