Jane Penny TOPS

New Year’s Eve talk with Jane Penny

Happy birthday to Jane Penny, the singer from TOPS. See our chat about the best of 2013, what she’s got planned for her BDAY/NYE party tonight & what 2014 has in store for her band.

Jane Penny TOPS
Jane Penny, birthday girl. Photo by Richmond Lam
Jane Penny is the singer for TOPS, a psychedelic-soft-rock band signed to Arbutus Records. Their LP Tender Opposites was released in early 2012, and there’s new music on the way.

5 favourite 2013 things:
Editorial magazine, Arbutus Records HQ, David, Riley and Maddy — the other members of TOPS — Idle No More and Drones Club.

Holiday plans?
My parents live on an island off the coast of Vancouver. I’m going to spend time with them, look at the ocean and play their piano.

NYE 2013:
NYE is my birthday! No plans yet, but champagne and dancing will be involved.

Best NYE ever:
Y2K was pretty crazy—we thought we were goners! It would have been a real shame if all the computers crashed and a digital apocalypse destroyed the planet, but everything turned out in the end.

What’s up for 2014?

TOPS is releasing our second record. We spent a year working on it every day. It’s the best thing I’ve ever made. I don’t have too many firm plans, but I hope I get to work on some new songs, play lots of shows and maybe skip town for a bit. Later, Montreal! ■
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