We went in on Léché’s new donuts

The six new donut flavours at Léché Desserts can sound intimidating, but they’re pretty good.

Donuts from Léché
Léché Desserts is a small local chain with locations in St-Henri and the Old Port, and it’s owned by internationally trained chef Josie Weitzenbauer.

Last week, it launched six new flavours. Some sounded delicious, while others sounded kinda perplexing. I picked up a box to see if sesame seeds really do have a place in the land of confectionery/dessert foods.

Plum Cardamom: Cardamom isn’t a spice I use on a regular basis, but maybe it should be. This donut is stuffed with delicious, sweet plum jelly, a filling that works incredibly well with the fragrant, gingery spice. Definitely a winning combo.

Mulled Wine & Orange Sugar: The second stuffed donut in the bunch is my favourite from the new line. The filling tastes exactly like mulled wine, and the addition of the orange sugar lends itself perfectly to the idea of enjoying a mug of the festive hot beverage with slices of orange in the mix.

Miso Glazed Toasted Sesame: I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one. I love miso, but normally when it’s included in salty/savoury dishes. But this flavour works. The sesame seeds give it a satisfying texture and the glaze is sweet but not overpowering. It’s the donut that I’d recommend to people who don’t have intense sweet tooths.

Mexican Hot Chocolate: This one is topped with a homemade marshmallow that I may have enjoyed more than the rest of the donut. The chocolate icing does indeed have the spicy kick of a Mexican hot chocolate — it’s definitely authentic. But when compared to the other options, I’d always pick something else.

Matcha Tea & Shortbread: This is another option for the less sweet-toothed. The icing is incredible. The green tea flavour is subtle, and the shortbread topping is a tasty combo. Best enjoyed with a warm cup of tea.

Pumpkin Pie: A slice of delicious pumpkin pie topped with cream sits on top of a sugar-and-spice donut. I’d suggest this one to pumpkin-flavour fans and those who really, really like sweets. ■
Léché Desserts
640 de Courcelle

15 de la Commune W.

Booze: No
Vegetarian-friendly: Yes, even vegan-friendly
Wheelchair-accessible: No

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