Saturday Spins: James Blake, Kaytranada, Atoms for Peace, Angel Haze, Hunx and His Punx

New videos and tracks to watch today.

James Blake & Chance the Rapper
James Blake and Chance the Rapper

James Blake feat. Chance the Rapper, “Life Round Here”

Britain’s chillest emo bro/singer/producer James Blake has teamed up with Chance the Rapper on a new single. This video by award-winning director Nabil is the best way to take it in.


Kaytranada, “Hilarity Duff”

Ignore the bad joke of a title. This new track by local producer and piu piu scenester Kaytranda is pretty sweet. Sit back and enjoy.


Atoms for Peace, “Before Your Very Eyes”

You’ll want to lean forward for this new video for the lead track from Amok by Atoms for Peace (aka Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, producer Nigel Godrich & co.), directed by Andrew Thomas Huang. Tell us if you see LSD flashbacks, Dune or chocolate. That’ll say a lot about you.


Angel Haze, “Echelon (It’s My Way)”

NYC-based rapper Angel Haze (who we interviewed ahead of her Osheaga set this year) teamed up with director Skinny to make a video that feels like an outtake from Spring Breakers filmed on the set of Breaking Bad. Watch it.


Hunx and His Punx, “You Think You’re Tough”

Here’s some dumb reality-show-style audition fun from Hunx and His Punx, directed by Dan Shaw. The tune comes from their latest record, Street Punk, out now on Hardly Art.


Bonus! Arcade Fire, “Afterglow”

Yup, it’s the latest in a series of teasers for Reflektor, the forthcoming album by Arcade Fire. In this one, we see more random footage from the Caribbean intercut with clips from Salsathèque and some deconstructed sounds from the song “Afterlife.”

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