Watch these DVDs (and Blu-rays) today


Dark Knight Trilogy

Iron Man 3 is now available to own. Watch Robert Downey Jr. kick some ass as Tony Stark, battling against the Mandarin.

In Redemption (aka Hummingbird), Jason Statham plays an ex-special forces soldier who takes on another identity to avoid a military court martial, and begins to help people out in London’s criminal underworld.

V/H/S/2 comes out in time for Halloween. Detectives searching for a missing student come across a sinister collection of VHS tapes and start to believe that there is a dark motive behind the disappearance.

Check out In the House, the latest film by director Francois Ozon (Swimming Pool, 8 Women), about a high school French teacher getting drawn into one of his student’s stories about his friend’s family and their relationship.

You can now own the Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition, including additional footage and other goodies. I smell a movie marathon, or perhaps a Batman-themed party.

Criterion is releasing 3 Films by Roberto Rossellini starring Ingrid Bergman. Included in the set is Stromboli, Europe ‘51 and Journey to Italy. It comes with a ton of interviews and special features — definitely a wonderful addition to any cinephile’s collection.

There’s a ton of television hitting the shelves today. Season one of Hannibal stars Mads Mikkelsen as Lector, and explores the relationship between psychiatrist and serial killer.

Season two of American Horror Story, the freaky anthology series which centres on different characters and frightening locations, is available in time for the start of season three (Oct. 9). Not to mention that James Cromwell nabbed an Emmy Sunday night for his performance in the series.

The third season of Hawaii Five-O is out, and Steve McGarrett is still on the hunt for his father’s killer. The fourth season starts this Friday.

You can also grab season four of the 2013 Emmy Award-winning comedy Modern Family, which follows three separate families and their unique struggles. Season five starts tomorrow.

Season seven of Doctor Who is also available. If for some reason you’ve never watched this gem, it’s a good time to start. This is Matt Smith’s final season playing the time travelling alien adventurer.

And you can also pick up season 16 of South Park. Yes, sixteen — time flies. Season 17 also starts tomorrow.

And of course, you can continue to acquire a metric poop-ton of horror flicks in preparation for Halloween. Take a gander at today’s offerings here. ■

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