The style war that is Fashion Pop

Here’s what went down at Wednesday night’s Fashion Pop design catwalk and competition.


A piece by contestant Madeleine Voizard. Photo by Laurence Philomène.

Wednesday night, the hipster glitterati crowded into the lovely Rialto Theatre for Fashion Pop, the festival’s annual contest that pits six emergent local designers against each other on the catwalk. Each competitor presents a series of looks, then judges select the winner, who receives $1,000 cash from Le Château and an editorial in WORN Fashion Journal. Now in its seventh edition, this year was more diverse than ever, with more on offer for dudes.

First up, Andrea Montle presented a flesh-baring collection of shiny, booty short-based ensembles, which was followed by Vivianne Labelle’s clean, sporty menswear, tailored mostly in neutrals with flashes of fluorescent orange for pop. Next, Madeleine Voizard sent some glam sparkle down the runway, mixing up shiny gold, shiny plastic and patterned sheer fabrics in her collection of fitted shorts and lacy, flowing tanks with panels.

The catwalk started to get more conceptual with Benjamin Lafaille’s unisex yellow square-mesh jumpers, which the designer used to explore the paradoxical ideal of “transparent opacity.” Things got downright ethereal with Daniel Quiroz’s collection of gauzy white robes in sheer viscose jersey, embellished with constellations of glass cut-outs that flashed with in-set LEDs. Inspired by UFOs and the paranormal, this divine monochrome collection looked like a procession of angels on the runway.

The last collection of the night was by Christina Julien, who presented immaculately tailored pieces that channelled ‘60s pop aesthetics with boxy silhouettes and simple shifts featuring well-rendered panels, entirely in black and white. The judges disappeared to turn in their votes, and ultimately Julien’s B&W looks were proclaimed the evening’s winners.

“I never thought!” she exclaimed after the show. “I never even saw this as a competition, so I never dreamed I’d win. I was just so happy to participate.” ■

Photos by Laurence Philomène. Text by Emily Raine.

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