Boiler Room Montreal 002 was amazing

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Kaytranada at Boiler Room 002. Photo by Darcy MacDonald

You know, if every Friday evening kicked off with one of these jams, I could get with it. But then it wouldn’t be quite as special, and a lot of folks would also end up passed out at home by 11 p.m., judging from many day-after accounts.


KenLo. Photo by Darcy MacDonald

KenLo. Photo by Darcy MacDonald

Off-Pop though it was, this second MTL edition of the global taste-making phenom (read about the first one here) found five of the province’s illest kids — namely Kaytranada, Tommy Kruise, High Klassified, Shash’u and KenLo Craqnuques — in fine form in front of the Boiler Room cam, rigged up at a private residence off Mont-Royal that catered greatly to a wide open, BYOB, boogie down production of merrymaking and scene mixing. The broadcast is being archived and will be online soon — I really hope the cameras captured the moment KenLo completely melted everyone’s face at around 8:30 p.m. or so. ■

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