The Chinese films you’ll see this year

Cinéma du Parc hosts the Chinese Film Festival from Aug. 16–22 showcasing 10 internationally renowned films.

The Grandmaster

The 3rd Montreal Chinese Film Festival, hosted by Cinéma du Parc, starts this Friday, offering filmgoers a variety of recent original Chinese films, as well as a selection from their burgeoning industry.

Here are the 10 films that you can look forward to at the fest:

Acclaimed director Wong Kar-wai’s most recent effort The Grandmaster,  an epic action biopic inspired by kung fu master Ip Man — the man who trained Bruce Lee.





Jing Wang’s Feng Shui, wherein a bitter wife pushes her husband away and into the arms of a female co-worker. Revenge and disaster ensue.





Comedy Perdus in Thaïlande is potentially one of the most successful films in China. It follows two business owners as they fight over a revolutionary new technology for their companies.





Xiaogang Feng’s 1942 is a historical drama featuring Adrien Brody and Tim Robbins that explores the 1942 famine and drought, as well as the looming war against Japan.





In An Eternal Lamb, a 90-year-old shepherd recalls his past and the nomadic lifestyle he used to live. The film also makes a comment on how women never lived for themselves; like lambs to a shepherd.





An ancient fox spirit and a disfigured princess battle for the attention of the princess’s old protector in Wuershan’s Painted Skin 2: The Resurrection.





Full Circle explores the lives of abandoned elderly people in a nursing home. Some are senile and resentful, while others are looking for salvation. But none are able to leave or feel a sense of comfort in the home.





Stylized period mystery The Bullet Vanishes explores supernatural murders that seem to be the work of a deceased girl — but the truth behind these acts of violence is even more sinister.





Stephen Fung’s Tai Chi Zero is a slightly supernatural martial arts film. A young man travels to a village where it is forbidden to share the secrets of tai chi, and ends up being their only hope against a dark force.





Caught in the Web discusses the risks attached to social media. A woman refuses to give a senior citizen her seat on a bus and the entire situation explodes in the media and online. ■





The 3rd Chinese Film Festival starts on Friday. Cinéma du Parc (3575 Parc) & Cinéma Outremont (1248 Bernard W.), Aug. 16–22

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