PHOTO GALLERY: Osheaga fashion

From girls in hippie headbands and too-short shorts to guys in matching costumes (#brosheaga) and mascot parts, here are the most striking looks we spied at Osheaga 2013.

A biker gang? No. A trap trio. Photo by Christina Stimpson

What did (or didn’t) people wear to Osheaga this year? Among the trends we spotted were MANY MANY bros in matching outfits (bachelor parties?), hippie headbands & other drug-inspired acoutrements of yesteryear (Manson family chic?), girls in too-short shorts showing ass cleavage (or, as we prefer to call it, under-butt) and accessory/props such as inflatable beach toys, mascot costumes and colourful papier maché poles. Oh, and babies. A surprising number of babies.

But we’re not into shooting kids (’cause this isn’t, like, the States), so here are the finest and in some cases just the goofiest adult looks we spotted amid the crowds:

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