High Klassified’s accidental music career

Meet the local DJ/producer who scored a sweet record deal between classes.

High Klassified and friends. Photo by Monsiieur Coms

This isn’t your typical rags-to-riches story.

High Klassified, otherwise known as Kevin Vincent, was just another middle-class kid from the suburbs. With his big coke-bottle glasses (intense myopia and astigmatism), he used to gawk at the sight of big booties bouncing up and down on B.E.T. and wanted nothing more than to be like his teenage brother, who had started an amateur rap group called Coast to Coast G’s.

A notorious high-top, a wildly popular trap EP called London Flexin’ released on U.K. label Mad Tech Records, an endless amount of DJ gigs around the city and most recently an EP distribution deal with A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold later, H.K. seems more likely to be featured in one of those music videos in the near future than to be watching them, and he assures us—but none of it was planned.

“Because of my image, people assume that this is all carefully calculated, but it’s not,” he says. “It’s just me. I really just started making beats because I love music and wanted to hang out with my brother and cousins when I was younger. I wasn’t really in a hurry, and I wasn’t that thirsty. I didn’t want to push my inspiration and music too much. If [success] happened, it happened.”

In fact, like a good momma’s boy, High Klassified still has a plan B. Although confident in his versatility and talent as a self-taught producer, following the advice of his mother, he still chooses to pursue an education in computer programming at Collège Ahuntsic.

When asked about his EP deal with Fool’s Gold and how it all happened, H.K. remains incredulous and has a hard time coming up with an explanation. “I literally have no idea how they heard of me. I woke up one morning, got a random e-mail from A-Trak telling me he liked my music, and shortly after a guy from Fool’s Gold asked me to release an EP for them.”

As for what’s to come, High Klassified’s musical interests range from trap to bossa nova (surprised?) and, of course, given his extensive collection of designer duds—fashion. Although a future with Fool’s Gold definitely does seem to him like an appealing idea, he remains cautious in predicting his next step. “It all depends on the EP and if it goes well. Then we’ll see what’s next, but I have a lot of admiration for Fool’s Gold, and I’d be stoked to be part of their crew.” ■

High Klassified joins Méo Meilleur & #Realbossé and DJ Manifest at Arizona Versace at Salon Officiel (351 Roy E.) tonight, Friday, Aug. 16, 10 p.m., free

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