Downtown’s finest restaurant just closed

This weekend, we were shocked to learn that, a downtown restaurant named for its URL, had shut its doors for good.


If there’s one marker of a truly fine restaurant, it’s that its name be a URL., a — wait for it — brochettes-and-burgers-and-whatever-else place on René-Lévesque W., near the Bell Centre, fit the bill. Its signage made it impossible to miss. Housed in what looks like a converted garage, it was also the site of an attempted murder in 2009.

This weekend, though, we learned that is apparently no more. As a tribute to a place we never actually tried (but always wanted to), we present you with the Internet’s take on everything it once was. Oh, and if you’re feeling industrious, its URL is available.

”heart attack”

[box type=”shadow”]“I’ve tried the ‘heart attack’. Fairly good, but way too much everything. Being a butcher, I also question the freshness of the product. Service is a tad long and fairly rude. Service, guys, is as important as location!”[/box]


“who ever doesn’t like it are stupid”

[box type=”shadow”]i leave downtown and i never have time to make myself something to eat in my kitchen so i always eat out. last year i was driving on crescent while i saw i stopped to look inside and i smelled the amazing smell of bbq and poutine… I’m a carnivore i love meat!!! i bought there double angus burger and they let me chose whatever i want inside and i loved it. i go to brochette almost everyday or every second day it is the best fast food restaurant that I’ve ever been too. who ever doesn’t like it are stupid there service is amazing and there food is amazing!!!!!!!!!!![/box]



[box type=”shadow”]I don’t know how this place is still in business. I guess they rely on uninformed out-of-towners or drunk hockey fans. The man behind the cash was outrageously rude, arrogant, and acted like I wasn’t worth his time. Turns out nothing about this place was worth my money or time. Expensive too. Avoid this place!![/box]


”late-night burgers”

[box type=”shadow”]I went there once with my friends and all they said to the guy was “we want meat!” and he brought us out plentiful platters of delicious food. Another time I was hanging out with some friends along with Lil’ Wayne’s manager and Keri Hilson’s body guard, we brought them here. It was their first poutine so they were a little thrown off but I have to say their burgers and poutine are excellent[/box]


“there were only 31 wings”

[box type=”shadow”]We ordered the 50 wings + 3 fries combo for delivery. Only took 20min to arrive, but when it arrived the fries were soggy, and there were only 31 wings – more than 1/3 were missing! We called them and they said they’d send us another delivery. 40min later and still nothing. I called them back, first time he hung up on us. I called him again, this time he picked up, told me to “f*** off”, and hung up on me.[/box]

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