The week in live rawk

So you hosers can keep up with the gigs, here are the shows you need to know about this week. See ya at the bar.

Since the sinking of my previous column with the Mirror just over a year ago, I’ve mainly been writing for websites, so I’m feeling downright giddy about my column appearing in the latest print edition of Cult MTLhere’s where you can find it.

But just so you hosers can keep up with the gigs via the Internets, here are the shows you need to know about this week. See ya at the bar.

Wednesday: The pick of the week is easy. Krautrock legend Damo Suzuki (yeah, the singer from Can) will psych out with locals Pachyderm and DJ Mathieu Beauséjour at Divan Orange.

At Sala, you can catch the Backhomes and Ought, but the real reason to make this show is to witness Montreal’s Maica Mia.

Across the street at Casa is the launch of a self-titled solo EP by Marie Davidson, a member of les Momies de Palerme, DKMD, Hotel Monochrome and Essaie Pas, beloved by many a blogger. Get there early to peep local lady Mykalle Bielinski (“chanson électro-lyrique”) and Austin one-man band Silent Land Time Machine.

Friday: For a night of twisted Americana and primitive garage, catch local rock ’n’ rollers le Kid & les Marinellis with fellow garage dwellers Amantani at Divan Orange.

Saturday: Local thrashers Barn Burner launched their farewell tour in Vancouver last month, and they’re playing their last-ever show at Turbo Haüs tonight. Boston’s Ramming Speed and Portland, Maine’s War Animal will perform pallbearer duties.

On a completely different note, my pick of the week is the Montreal premiere of the Big Star documentary Nothing Can Hurt Me, with local psych-popsters Elephant Stone, Mécanik Synthétik and an all-star Big Star tribute band at Sala. ■

Current obsession: Can, Tago Mago

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