The Magna Carta effect

What’s really encouraging about the initial reactions to the bootlegged Magna Carta is the lessened volume of detractors mad that a new Hov record isn’t exactly like The Blueprint. PLUS a blueprint for your week in parties.

I just want to congratulate everyone who bootlegged the new Hov record yesterday and embraced it. I still haven’t heard it, but what’s really encouraging so far is the lessened volume of detractors mad that a new Jay record isn’t exactly like The Blueprint.

Oh, you’re still out there, but maybe you’ve learned to shut the hell up, finally. Seems like we’ve all come to terms with that frustrating artistic audacity that permits growth instead of stagnation, and good for us!

But in case you’re still salty, lemme break it down for you like this. There is a fantastic reason Jay-Z’s new album doesn’t sound like The Blueprint: 12 fucking years have elapsed, and with them at least five more Jigga records. Think he stopped giving a shit what you think of The Blueprint yet?

Here’s a blueprint for your week in parties.

Friday: Tonight through Sunday, brothers in bass riddim Ghostbeard and Poirier got you set on some free, official après-Jazz one drops as St-Henri summer monthly Sud West brings its reggae soundsystem downtown to l’Astral and stays up way past bedtime, from 11:45 ‘til 3 a.m. all weekend long.

At CFC meanwhile, Dead Obies, Maybe Watson and Robert Nelson font du gros bang bang.

Saturday: Vincent Pryce and the Shah make it a PartyFest! at Cabaret Underworld, free for ladies, five for fellas, and fun for er’body.

Sunday: Artbeat Montreal holds their sixth Revelation back at CFC with Antae, Farsight, Bluenose and le Fantome stepping up and Soke launching a new beat tape.

Tuesday: TO native web rap phenom D-Pryde plays la Sala Rossa alongside David Hodges & the Honest Family with guests Lifetroop. ■


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