Meet Hot Sluts and Poutine

Hot Sluts and Poutine’s Lacey Jane and Layla Folkmann bring nostalgia-tinged eroticism and a whole lotta cum shots to the 514. NSFW

Layla Folkmann and Lacey Jane of Hot Sluts and Poutine. Photo by Dannygirl.

Longtime friends and collaborators Lacey Jane and Layla Folkmann, aka Hot Sluts and Poutine, are two chicks from Edmonton who relocated to the 514 about a year and a half ago. The painters have been exhibiting a large collection of their smutty canvases at BBAM! Gallery over the last month, cramming the walls with titillating imagery that harnesses loose technique, nostalgia-tinged eroticism and a whole lotta cum shots for maximum impact.

Cult MTL spoke to the girls about the pleasures of erotic art in advance of the show’s finissage.

Emily Raine: How did you guys start working together?
Lacey Jane: We originally met in art school — we went to MacEwan University from 2007 to 2009. Friendship started there, and after that we ended up travelling for about two years combined to Southeast Asia and Central America, backpacking. We did all of our bonding on the road.

“Aletta Ocean,” by Layla Folkmann

ER: What’s the appeal of raunchy imagery for you?
LJ:It’s hard to say. Both of us stem from the idea that sexuality is very empowering and also very interesting. It’s an imagery and idea that I’m very drawn to. Plus I always liked art that’s a little more in-your-face and grabbing, whether that be positive or negative or just a little bit more shocking.

Layla Folkmann: For me as well. I feel like sexual imagery is something that I’ve always gravitated toward, not really sure where that started from. But as far as art goes, I’ve always found sexual subjects quite fascinating. It’s kind of our brainchild, because what’s in our heads is what’s on the canvas.

ER: So why the name Hot Sluts and Poutine?
LJ:I guess we were inspired once we arrived in Montreal, about a year and a half ago. It’s the product of Quebec for us, a little bit of hot sluts and a little bit of poutine. We felt that it would suit the city fine. And it kind of represents us: it’s funny, it’s sexual. We’re very light-hearted in everything we do, and that comes across both in our artwork and our representations of ourselves.

“The Breakfast Queen of Belvedere,” by Lacey Jane.

We thought it might be good marketing, in retrospect, as well. As far as marketing for men goes? Like, food and hot sluts? That grabs a lot of people. Although we have very little to do with poutine.

ER: It’s a hot mess.
LJ: That’s what we are. A hot mess. ■

Hot Sluts and Poutine’s finissage July 12, BBAM! (3255 St-Jacques), 6 p.m., with tunes from DJ Spoon B/Barry Walsh, free


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