Mascara & Popcorn line-up Announced

Here’s everything you need to know to get amped up for August’s Mascara & Popcorn genre film festival.

Cassandra Sechler juror for the 4th edition of Mascara & Popcorn

Genre film fans don’t have to weep for too long once Fantasia is over. The Mascara & Popcorn Film Festival runs Aug. 15–18, celebrating horrific, experimental, weird and wonderful cinema.

Later today they’ll be unveiling the films and schedule, but we’re lucky enough to have a sneak peek here at Cult MTL:

Thursday, August 15, 2013 at 7 p.m.
Rue Morgue signing, photo and merchandise booth / Rodrigo Gudino short film retrospective and interactive Q&A
• Exclusive Master Class feat. Rodrigo Gudino & George Mihalka (session moderated by local director Patricia Chica)
F.N. Vegas & Patricia Klimov art expo
• Horror burlesque Rue Morgue tribute show by Violet Revolver’s “The Mad Scientist’s Chamber”
Caro Swan performs *live*
Julie Barbeau & Jacqueline Van de Geer perform *live*
Jennifer May Walker performs *live*
-Horror/gore movie FX live demonstration w/ Invitro FX (Sebatien Montpetit) & Steph Miramontes Art
-Surprise mutant zombie march (TBC)
-Medieval elves and bandits for The Sapphire Prophecies
-Vendor and Merchandise faire (jewelry, accessories, comic book, music, masks, poster giveaways)
-Interviews with the stars courtesy of Xenia P. for Mascara&Popcorn.TV
-Many guest appearances from indie film & webseries stars
-Appearances by rockabilly pin-ups, monsters, cosplay fetish & circus acts
-Live music and projections all night
**Event hosted by The Richard & Bianca Black**

Thursday, August 15, 2013 at 11 p.m.
Montreal band the Scroll performs live for the launch of Mascara & Popcorn’s fourth edition at Cabaret Underworld

Friday, August 16, 2013 at 7 p.m.: part I
Saturday, August 17, 2013 at 2 p.m.: part II
Saturday, August 17, 2013 at 7 p.m.: part III

A two-day competition, split in 3 parts, featuring over 70 short films including off-competition shorts from around the globe.

**Event hosted by Cassandra Sechler**

32 (2012) Night Walker Cinema U.S., Saturday
12/15/1996 (2011) Mae Catt  U.S., Saturday
2 Hours (2012) Michael Balliff  U.S., Saturday
An Unknown Alter Ego (2012) Nadine L’Espérance Canada, Saturday
Attack of the Brainsucker (2012) Sid Zanforlin Québec, Saturday
Baby (2013) Joe Rossi /David Magini Québec, Saturday
Barbie Girls (2009) Vinciane Millereau France, Saturday
Beat (2012) Danny MAlin Québec, Saturday
Belle Nouveau (2010) Cassandra Sechler U.S., Saturday
Blanche Fraise (2011) Frédérick Tremblay Québec, Saturday
Booty Meat (2012) Andrew N. Shearer U.S., Saturday
Ceramic Tango (2013) Patricia Chica Québec, Sunday
Crepuscule (2011) Eric Falardeau Québec, Friday
Dead All Night (2013) Christopher Giroux Canada, Saturday
Dead Pussy (2008) Steve Villeneuve Québec, Saturday
Doors (2012) Michele De Angelis Macedonia, Saturday
Dragonfly Massacre (2013) Jean-François Bourbeau Québec, Saturday
Dysmorphia (2012) Andy Stewart U.K., Saturday
Exiloide (2012) Alain Juteau Québec, Friday
Extreme Traveling (2013) Evalina Turpin Québec, Friday
Fondue (2013) Torin Langen Canada, Saturday
For Clearer Skies (2012) Alfredo Arcilesi Canada, Saturday
Freedom (2013) Evalina Turpin Québec, Friday
Funnel of Love (2011) Corey Nikolaus Québec, Friday
God’ s Acre (2010) Alfredo Arcilesi Canada, Saturday
Hellvetica (2012) Kalen Artinian Canada, Saturday
Historia Muerta (2011) Francisco Mateu Torres Spain, Saturday
How Deep Is the Rabbit Hole? (2011) Herbivore Productions U.S,. Saturday
Illumination (2011) Michael Williams U.S,. Saturday
Jack The Ripper: Masks of Evil (2011) Mutagenic Studios Canada, Saturday
Jesus Comes to Town (2010) Kamal John Iskander  U.S., Saturday
Kane (2012) Michael Williams U.S., Saturday
Legitimate (2013) Izzy Lee U.S., Saturday
Les jaunes episode 1 (2013) Rémi Fréchette Québec, Friday
Locked In (2012) Valeria Appel U.K., Saturday
Maya’ s Journal (2011) Nadine L’Espérance Canada, Friday
Monster Slayer (2011) Valorie Caskey Ebeling U.S., Saturday
Mulla Xul (2012) Philippe Bourret Québec, Saturday
My Mom and Other Monsters (2011) Kate Tsang U.S., Friday
Noir (2012) Colin Boudrias-Fournier Québec, Friday
OperHator (2013) Tara-Nicole Azarian U.S., Saturday
Please Breathe Lucy (2012) Kays Mejri Québec, Friday
Psych-out Ep. 1 – Angry (2013) Evalina Turpin Québec, Saturday
Psych-out Ep. 2 – Diapers (2013) Evalina Turpin Québec, Friday
Purgatory (2006) Eric Falardeau Québec, Saturday
Rebellion (2012) Hugues Lictevous Québec, Friday
Red (2011) Maude Michaud Québec, Friday
Reflexions (2012) Martin Thibodeau Québec, Friday
Reverie Three (2009) Alfredo Arcilesi Canada, Saturday
Roachfar (2011) Steven Cerritos Canada, Saturday
Self Portrait (2012) Jovanka Vukonvnik Canada, Saturday
Sleep on It (2013) Alex Pop Québec, Saturday
Spoliation (2012) Dominic Hardy Québec, Friday
Starring Us 2 and the Egg (2013) Danny MalinQuébec, Saturday
Stella Buio (2012) Lori Bowen U.S., Saturday
Succubus (2012) Sylvio Arriola Québec, Friday
Tailypo (2012) Lamar Ford U.S., Saturday
The Captured Bird (2011) Jovanka Vukonvnik Canada, Friday
The Date (2012) Thomas Rodrigue Québec, Friday
The Demonology of Desire (2007) Rodrigo Gudino Canada, Thursday
The Dinner (2006) Steve Villeneuve Québec, Friday
The Eyes of Edward James (2006) Rodrigo Gudino Canada, Thursday
The Facts in Case of Mr. Hollow (2008) Rodrigo Gudino Canada, Thursday
The Hunt (2012) Greg Jeffs Canada, Saturday
The Laundromat (2012) Thomas Rodrigue Québec, Saturday
The Morning After (2011) Jen Moss U.K., Saturday
To Hell, With Love (2013) Gavin Michael Booth Canada, Saturday
Torturous (2012) Angus Swantee Canada, Friday
Trash (2011) Torin Langen U.S., Saturday
Wireboy (2012) Cassandra Sechler U.S., Friday
Zion (2011) Glenn Payne U.S., Saturday
Zipper (2012) Fantina Carvajal U.S., Saturday
Zombie Casserole Pt. 1 (2013) For Zombies Productions U.S,. Saturday
Zombie Casserole Pt. 2 (2013) For Zombies Productions U.S,. Saturday

Sunday, August 18, 2013 at 7 p.m.
Winners in 10 categories will receive their prize(s).
**Event hosted by Patricia Chica**

Sunday, August 18, 2013 at 9 p.m.
Montrealers Yardlets perform live for the Mascara & Popcorn’s closing ceremony at Cabaret Underworld. ■

Mascara & Popcorn Film Festival runs Aug. 15–18, check out their website for more information.


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