What a digital baroque opera looks like

Le Pop d’Époque. Photos by Cindy Lopez

On Saturday night, the Montreal Baroque Festival and Pop Montreal presented a unique musical spectacle by local crew Party Like It’s 1699 at Théâtre St-James: Le Pop d’Époque, a digital baroque opera. The show combined 18th-century instruments (namely traverso, hautboy, violin, viola da gamba and harpsichord) and “digitized audiovisual performances” by Mozart’s Sister, Majical Cloudz and Syngja, framed by a three-dimensional theatre set enhanced by stop-motion animation, trompe l’oeil and digital effects.

The show was preceded by a spoken word performance by Canadian supermodel Irina Lazareanu, readings by This Is Happening Whether You Like It or Not’s Ashley Opheim & Guillaume Morissette, plus 18th-century-inspired Suites for solo harpsichord composed by D’Eon. Cindy Lopez captured some scenes from the spectacle.

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