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Including zombies, love and juvenile delinquents, here are today’s local theater releases.

Far Out Isn’t Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story

‘Tis the season for big-budget action blockbusters. Following up last week’s Man of Steel, is Marc Forster’s World War Z. (Read our review here.) Brad Pitt plays Gerry Lane a retired UN employee who is called back to action when a zombie pandemic hits Earth.

On the fluffier, less flesh-eating side, is Pixar’s Monster University a prequel to 2001’s Monsters, Inc. Billy Crystal and John Goodman return to voice Mike and Sully, in the tale of how the two monsters overcame their differences in order to become best friends.

Richard Linklater returns to the story of Jesse and Celine with Before Midnight. It’s the third film in the series that started in 1995 with Before Sunrise, followed by 2004’s Before Sunset. This time we meet the pair on holiday in Greece. Read our review here.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m starting to feel like things have gone downhill since Lost in Translation for Sofia Coppola. Based on true events, The Bling Ring follows five fame-obsessed teens who stalk celebrities in order to go to their houses and rob them. The story is so very thin, but I can’t help but adore Emma Watson.

For the more artsy film fans, Guilliaume Sylvestre’s French film 1er Amour or First Love, follows young Antoine (Loïc Esteves) as he falls in love with the older Anna (Marianne Fortier) while on holiday. Heartbreak ensues of course.

Rama Burshtein’s Israeli film Fill the Void is about Shira (Hadas Yaron), who is part of Tev Aviv’s Ortohodox Hasidic community, being forced to marry her sister Esther’s (Renana Raz) husband after her death.

There are two incredible documentaries opening today, and you can’t go wrong with either one.

You don’t necessarily need to be a fan of The Shining  to appreciate Room 237. It digs into the many images, theories, hidden meanings that surround Kubrick’s film and offers five differing opinions.

Far Out Isn’t Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story tells the incredible tale of living legend, renegade, children’s author and illustrator Tomi Ungerer. ■

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