Syd tha Kyd DJs for the money & fun times

Syd tha Kyd talks about her mom’s take on Odd Future and how lame most DJs are.

Syd tha Kyd

You probably know Syd tha Kyd as the girl from Odd Future. Back in the day — which probably means, like, in 2007 — the group created some of its earliest records at her house. Now that they’re what marketing folks would call a youth culture phenomenon, with a clothing line and an Adult Swim cartoon and God knows what else, Syd — who produces records for Mike G and is a member of the Internet — gets flown to DJ gigs all over the place. We reached her by phone in Vancouver, a couple of days before her show at Underworld (tonight).

Lucas Wisenthal: What are you expecting from Montreal?

Syd tha Kyd: I have no idea what to expect, honestly, and I kind of like it that way, so it’s just gonna be random when I go. But I don’t know — I like Of Montreal, so Montreal’s got to be pretty cool.

LW: When will the word swag be declared dead?

SK: Did you say fag?

LW: Swag.

SK: Swag? I don’t know. Probably never, which is fine. I don’t use it that much anymore. It’s kind of weird now.

LW: Why is it kind of weird now?

SK: Just because at first it was cool because nobody else said it. Now everybody says it, so it’s not that cool anymore.

LW: Odd Future recorded some of their earliest stuff at your house. What did your mom think of having those guys around?

SK: At first she didn’t know what was going on, because she didn’t know what they were saying. And when she heard it, she wasn’t that happy about it. She was kind of upset and disappointed. But then she came around, somehow. I don’t know why. I think when she saw that it was working and that we were gonna do it anyways, she just let it go.

LW: Which member of Odd Future upset your mom the most?

SK: Just all of them. I mean, just Tyler and Hodgy, really, were doing the most. Domo just talks about weed all the time.

LW: What’s the most amateurish move laptop DJs do now?

SK: I mean, I am a laptop DJ.

LW: Right. That’s why I’m asking you. So what’s the one thing?

SK: I guess when they switch between songs with no transition. But I don’t really listen to them. I don’t really go to the club or anything, or listen to other DJs like that. For me, it’s just money and fun times. I’m not gonna lie.

LW: So what influences you?

SK: I just listen to what I like to turn up to. The few times I have been in a club and listened to other DJs, I’ve rarely liked what anybody else plays. I don’t take notes. ■

Syd tha Kyd plays Underworld (1403 Ste-Elisabeth) with Shaydakiss, Nouvel Âge, Ponyio and Sally & Tyler tonight, Friday, June 21, 10:30 p.m., $10–$15

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