Today’s Sounds: Magmatic., Laura Marling, Azealia Banks

Local electro-pop duo Magmatic. produce smouldering embers and glacial synthscapes, U.K. folk-rock chica Laura Marling releases a second track from her forthcoming album and we find Azealia Banks freaky in her new video.


Magmatic., Magmatic EP (independent)

Montreal’s own Matt Matic and Magda Matic make sweet subterranean electro-pop together. Their sparse arrangements of seductive vocals, moody synths and snappy beats lie somewhere between the smouldering downtempo productions of Poliça and the glacial pop of Young Galaxy (with a vocal style reminiscent of both), not to mention trip hop — if you remember the ’90s, that may ring a bell. It’s a nice oasis amid the pseudo-experimental shabby chic and post-dubstep grind that we’re used to hearing on the electronic scene (especially locally). Let’s enjoy the atmosphere for a while.

Timeless synthscapes that could’ve easily emanated from the ’80s or ’90 blend smoothly with more modern bits of programming and Magda’s lovely voice, backed here and there by Matt. The tempos slow as the EP progresses, kicking off at a pace you can groove (if not full-on dance) to and settling into sway-time as narratives turn lusty and lovesick.

Eschewing irony and serious abstraction, the lyrics are fearlessly earnest and poetic, real love-song material. In tandem with their arrangements, they have a quality akin to Björk’s, particularly the EP’s closer, “I Am a Mountain.”

Hear it for yourself here, read more about the band here,  and go to their launch party, with openers Hissy Fit and a DJ set by Valentin Stip, at le Bleury Bar-à-Vinyle (2109 Bleury) on Friday, April 19, 10 p.m., $7 before midnight/$10.


Laura Marling, “Master Hunter”

British folk-ish singer Laura Marling is on the verge of releasing a new record, Once I Was An Eagle, out May 28 on Virgin. This is the second single.



Azealia Banks, “Yung Rupunxel”

Directed by Jam Sutton, this video showcases the WTF weirdness of NYC rappeuse and beef connoisseur Azealia Banks. Kinda MIA meets Twin Peaks (with black people). Remember: Azealia Banks plays Osheaga 2013.

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