WTF: The rest of the week in news

Wondering WTF happened this week? In this week’s Wednesday-thru-Friday round-up, we’ve got Pauline Marois’s meeting with Stephen Harper, Montreal’s integrity squad, a unique real estate proposition and more.

Goodbye, fair big-box electronics retailer, photo via Flickr

Interested in rubbing elbows with some of our city’s foremost organized crime figures? Look into buying some real estate in the Héritage du Vieux Port, a condo complex in Old Montreal that is apparently home to bikers and mob types. A company owned by Tony Magi, a, um, businessman among businessmen, was behind the development. But before you get excited and pack your stuff, you might want to think twice if you give a shit about things like property value.

Speaking of organized crime, Parti Québécois MNA André Villeneuve must be feeling at least somewhat relieved today, after a vehicle spotted outside the venerable Consenza Social Club thought to belong to his construction company turned out not to belong to his construction company. Because a construction magnate would never hang out there.

Pauline Marois and Stephen Harper are said to be holding a private meeting today. What the PM and the PQ boss will talk about is anyone’s guess, but we’re betting she’ll be showing off her pics from her totally awesome trip to Scotland and telling him about everything she learned from that country’s separatists, which apparently wasn’t much, but, hey, you know.

Best Buy is closing 15 stores in Canada. The Source is opening 20 more. So it goes.

Also, update: Head & Hands didn’t win the big bucks in the competition we reported on back in November, but at least they scored $5,000.

And, finally, watch out, unsavoury and corrupt types: Montreal’s integrity squad is said to be ready to bang some heads, or at least carefully pore over city records. ■

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