Today’s Sounds: My Dick

American duo My Dick achieve sophomoric excellence by inserting penis into a whack of pop songs, plus a new track by Action Bronson and a video by Cadence Weapon.


My Dick, My Dick’s Double Full-Length Release (independent)

One man’s dick joke is another man’s musical inspiration. This double album is, true to its name, about dicks: 23 Top 40 classics spanning multiple decades, covered with spunk and gusto, but with the phrase “my dick” replacing the original lyrics throughout. You’d think the joke would grow tiresome after the first five or six or dozen phallocentric covers, but somehow the momentum never peters out thanks to ace musicianship and clever deployment of their nom de guerre (because every so often they’ll keep the original line where a my dick would be expected).

Album highlights include the passionate “Dancing in My Dick,” the tender cycle-of-poverty anthem “Fast Dick,” and “Do They Know It’s Dick?” because in all honesty, those Christmas charity singles already featured their fair share of dicks. Oh, and the heartfelt “The Way My Dick Is” and veritable mouthful “Two Dicks.” What an embarrassment of riches!

The Boston/Venice duo describe themselves as “deconstructivists, absurdists, Dadaists, pop artists,” but it’s far more fun to imagine My Dick being an actual dick with musical acumen performing the songs, but is for inexplicable reasons unable to sing without constantly referencing itself. Perhaps I’ve overthought this record.

My Dick will hopefully be credited one day with having opened pandora’s box of musical dicking around. From this moment forward, we possess the freedom to turn any song into a song about dicks (except this song, which was already about dicks). Imagine a Shazam-type app capable of adding dicks to any song on the spot? Or better yet, how about a tour?

(Thanks to Mr. Sean Michaels for the tip.)


Action Bronson, “Strictly 4 the Jeeps”

NYC rapper/cook Action Bronson randomly dished out this Harry Fraud production via Soundcloud today. Bonus.



Cadence Weapon, “Hype Man”

Co-directed by Cadence Weapon and Can-video specialist George Vale, this clip depicts another track from the Montreal rapper/producer’s 2012 record, Hope in Dirt City.

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