One-Night Stand

An encounter at Korova turns into an impromptu sex-ed lesson at a girl’s place.

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One-Night Stand is a column chronicling hook-ups in Montreal. In an effort to better understand what’s really unfolding in our bars, clubs and venues, we’re asking our readers to submit stories of their most memorable sexual experiences, be they great or terrible, with the new friends they make when they’re out. What follows is a firsthand account of what happens in our city’s bedrooms on any given night.

Age: 23
Sex: Female
Orientation: Straight
Meeting place: Korova

The details: A few months ago, I was dancing with some friends at Korova when this guy literally popped up in between my friend and I in an oversized sport coat. I took him back to my place, screaming about how I needed a condom to anyone on the street, but to no avail, so I had to steal some from my roommate. The guy didn’t know how to use them and tried to stretch it out over his junk like a bathing cap. After laughing at him a bunch, I gave him a brief sex-ed class and we got down to it. The sex was really fun, and in the morning, when we woke up, he pounced on me again as soon as his eyes opened, taking in my body and calling me Gaia (Greek goddess of mother nature), which was surprisingly sexy. When he left, he gave me a little bottle of gold, thus paying me in the style of an old-timey prostitute.

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