Furrealism: winter fashion with Rachel F.

Check out the gorgeous pics from our “This winter is fuckin’ furreal” fashion shoot, from Cult MTL‘s February print issue. More gorgeous fur accessories from our feature on Rachel F.

Nora Harun models accessories by Rachel F. Photo by Allison Staton

It can be hard to try in the winter. Everyone only sees your coat and boots anyhow, which you’re likely sick as balls of wearing every day. Plus — and I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, too — sometimes it can be a little bit cold out. With that in mind, Cult MTL set out to bring sexy back to our frosty shores with a bit of stylish wint-spiration, recruiting garments by local fur-recycling designer Rachel F. to help create fresh looks that can stand up to the freeze.

Pick up a copy of Cult MTL‘s February print edition for our feature on Rachel F., where she talks about the ethics and heritage of furring, and check out our gallery below for more amazing fashion photos.

Correction: In our February print issue, we mistakenly credited one of our models, the lovely Miss Nora Harun (aka DJ Roxy Moron), as “Nora Human.” While we are quite proud to have correctly identified her species, we deeply regret miscrediting her name. Thanks again, Nora.

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Creative director: Emily Raine
Photographer: Allison Staton (astatonphoto@gmail.com)
Stylist: Isabelle Hayes
Models: Nora Harun, Robert Ridgway, Natalie Zayne
Mule: Jason Lindop
Fur accessories courtesy of Rachel F. All other clothes stylists’ own, boots models’ own. ■

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