Cult classics 2012: Reviews

From popular faves to personal coups de coeur, the Screen section’s best-loved film reviews of 2012.

Farewell to the Twilight Saga

Self-imposed exile to Glasgow couldn’t stop correspondent Roxane Hudon from weighing in on the teen franchise as only she can.

I don’t remember how to begin a film review, so I’m going to go ahead and let you know that the closing chapter of the Twilight saga is just as fucking stupid and hilarious as the four films that preceded it. But, what an amusing journey it’s been, oh Twilight, my old chum.

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The Paperboy is an A-list shit bomb

Our critic Alex Rose is an expert in bad movies, whether here or on his blog and podcast, Why Does It Exist? His takedown of Lee Daniels’ follow-up to Precious was called “the most vicious review I’ve ever read” by a Facebook commenter.

Constructed with gauzy handheld camerawork and a quasi-illegal overuse of fades (make it a drinking game and you will certainly die), The Paperboy swiftly avoids being a camp masterpiece by being overwrought and boring, a venerable feat if you think about it.

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Film Pop, the cinematic cousin of Pop Montreal, was by far and away the most underrated film festival of the year. Put together by esteemed curator, author and former Blue Sunshine head honcho Kier-La Janisse, the fest screened a series of music-related films to appreciative but tragically small audiences. In this roundup of one mere weekend, our critics covered four quality films that you’re likely to have missed.

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