On the Walls: the week in art

What’s up in arts this week: new shows by Jason Botkin, Michel Von Darck and Fresca Luna, as well as a group show at Galerie SAS and the third phase of the CCA’s ongoing ABC:MTL exhibit.

Lies your newspaper tells you

It was surprising to hear reports that PQ minister Pierre Duchesne on Sunday had definitively ruled out free education as a point of discussion in next month’s summit on higher education — mostly because he never said any such thing.

Accidents will happen

Feeling out Shiver, the new record by local shoegaze trio Femme Accident, calling out the thieves who stole from Crabe and Leamers and hipping you to the best rock ‘n’ roll, metal, punk and, uh, Bollywood ‘n’ Bhangra shows and DJ nights this week.

Tuesday, Jan. 29

* Jason Botkin (KIN) vernissage at LNDMRK
* Chaos & Order at SAT
* Waiting for the Barbarians at Segal Centre
* Cannes standout Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen
* We Sold Our Souls to Rawk and Roll

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