Promised Land: Fracking ridiculous

Gus Van Sant fans will likely be disappointed (but possibly not surprised) by his latest offering. After all, 12 years on from Finding Forrester, he was due for another stinker.

Cult classics: on the walls in 2012

Cult‘s coverage of some of the most fascinating artists and shows of 2012: Dominique Pétrin, Jonathan Bergeron, Max Wyse and Winnie Truong, ABC:MTL at the CCA and galleries galore from the annual Under Pressure street art fest.

56 Up: the everyday epic

The latest in Michael Apted’s series, undoubtedly one of the great achievements in documentary history, opens at Cinéma du Parc this weekend.

Cult classics: food & drink

This past year certainly was delicious, wasn’t it? Continuing on with our Cult classics of 2012, here are some of our favourites from our food and drink coverage.

Cult classics 2012: The festivals

We came, we saw, we kicked its ass. Osheaga, Pop Montreal and M for Montreal had the Music Team running around the city (and its neighbouring islands), getting hammered, taking notes and tweeting the crap out of this city’s best music festivals.