The Top 30 MTL Songs of 2012

Here are the very best songs Montreal had to offer this year. This list is completely arbitrary and based on the whims of those who assembled it, as is the case with any list. Song preferences subject to the ever-changing moods of chief compiler/commentator Erik Leijon.

20. “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” by Reversing Falls

Based on faint recollections from a set at Jackie & Judy, the trio thrashed over the drum loop to “Hard to Explain.” No recorded version exists as of yet

19. “Traces to Nowhere” by Each Other

Roller coaster pop: steady incline followed by a rapid descent, then smooth sailing to the finish

18. “For Your Heart” by Divine Fits

Wolf Paraders are Montrealers emeritus in perpetuity (see also: Moonface)

17. “Shoreless Kid” by Young Galaxy

Just calmly float in its interstellar vastness

16. “Haircut” by Chevalier Avant Garde

I’m just a rezzed light cycler with a new haircut




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