Round-up: Baby talk

Charbonneau goes on hiatus (but not indefinitely, thank God) and Amir Khadir complains, though not about that. It’s all here in your Monday news round-up.

Amir Khadir, photo via Flickr

It’s like we lost a loved one. The Charbonneau Commission, the seemingly never-ending investigation into all manner of corruption, is done. Oh, sure, it will be back next year, certainly with a new collection of allegations, but what will we, the journo caste, do until then?

Over the weekend, The Gazette published a list of items that our new mayor, Michael Applebaum, should probably look into. Among them: property taxes, transparency in the construction bidding process, the funding of political parties, building the Pie IX bus lane. Some, of course, a little vague, like putting an ethical culture into place, an idea that begins with taking a 2.5-hour professional ethics course online. We can only assume that graduates of said course receive a nifty diploma in the mail.

On the non-Charbonneau front, Amir Khadir, the former voice of Québec Solidaire, called the PQ out on its recently tabled budget, which was devoid of a hike in mining royalties. He also called they of our current minority government a “power party,” just doing the old establishment thing. Well, yeah. In other news, Pauline Marois and co. probably couldn’t give any of less of a shit about what Khadir says.

Justin Trudeau, meanwhile, continues his campaign for the Liberals’ big seat amid criticism of his stance on the long-gun registry. Yes, he voted for it. No, he didn’t think it was the greatest thing ever. Yes, he thinks we could do better. The end.

But, hey, does any of this even matter? Will and Kate are, like, totally expecting. ■

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