Today’s Sounds: Mr. Dibbs

The new record by Mr. Dibbs, a track and a video from the forthcoming albums by Detroit garage rockers Tyvek and onetime pop star and latter-day eccentric Scott Walker.


Mr. Dibbs, Deadworld Reborn (Machina Muerte/Rhymesayers)

Last year, Midwest turntable wrecker Mr. Dibbs stared down cirrhosis of the liver. It looks like he won, but it was a hard fought battle. While hospitalized, he found himself one floor down from an old friend, Minnesota rapper/producer Skandal da Ruckus Man, himself battling leukemia.

Dibbs tells the tale better than I can on his Bandcamp page where this tribute/benefit album is available. Sadly, his friend passed last month. All proceeds from this release go directly to Skandal’s family, his two-year old daughter among them.

So there are several good reasons to pay for this instead of doing the grab-n-dash. For one thing, Dibbs is no stranger to Montreal, having lived here, and recovering health or no, I’d be concerned that he might literally just track you down and stomp your face in if you don’t pledge a few bucks.

A better reason still – this is Dibbs at the core of his element, drenched in filthy breakbeats and seeped in the Devil’s music itself. The 1200 Hobos founder says he died for 53 seconds last year, and you can hear it. I don’t know if he saw the light but if he did, he smashed the motherfucker.

Seriously, a lot of producers might give away a looper or put out a free battle tape, and you’ll kinda hear it and go “yeah, that’s so-and-so.” Dibbs’ output prior to a coupla years back was non-stop bangin’, and in this case, and it sounds like his absence made his heart grow darker. An intro-lude, outro-lude, two “sides” of his Deadworld, and a bonus jam with Skandal are a fitful re-entry for a turntable king, and a classy way to send off a homie.

For fans of aggressive music and aggressive skill, this oughtta possess the headphones for a hot minute.


Tyvek, “Wayne County Roads”

Detroit garagers rock it lo-fi on this track from their forthcoming album On Triple Beams , out on In the Red next Tuesday, Nov. 13.



Scott Walker, “Epizootics!”

An epic track and suitably unsettling slow-motion video from the eccentric U.S. pop legend and latterday musical oddball Scott Walker, from his upcoming album Bish Bosch, out Dec. 3 in the U.K.


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