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A look back at Bubbles and the gang’s Tuesday-night gig at Théatre St. Denis + a Shine on Full Course and his video for “Real City Reppin’”& all the DJs, rappers, producers and party peeps you need to see in person this week.

No combination of cuss words can emphasize how awesome the Trailer Park Boys were Tuesday at Théâtre St. Denis, despite the couple-thousand F-bombs you heard if you were there.

That’s right: Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Lahey and Bo-bandy brought the winds of shit to Montreal for their cross-Canada “Dear Santa Claus: Go F#ck Yourself” tour. Unfortunately J-to-the-R-O-C isn’t on the bill, and I bet you his Dartmouth ass is blaming the border, nahmsayin’?

While I won’t attempt to synopsize the evening’s events in too much detail, I am mentioning it largely for readers with TPB fans in their circles of family and friends across the country. If you missed it/slept on it/couldn’t afford it, kick yourself a little, but tell someone you love if you think it might make their holiday season. Better yet, get them a ticket (but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?).

You can tell them that the Boys don’t simply re-create their 2004 TV Christmas special (which would have been dope anyways), despite recycling the title. They’ve instead concocted an original story that doesn’t require the other supporting cast, in two hilarious interactive acts that see tons of crowd participation – some of it solicited, most of it not. Picture the Rocky Horror crowd, but instead of costumed toast-throwing, people toss smokes, bath salts and pepperoni sticks, yelling “Fuck off, Lahey!” or “We love you Bubs!”

The plot loosely focuses on Julian’s attempt to restore Ricky’s faith in Santa-Jesus-God-Pierre-Noel, who apparently lives in “Montreal, the North Pole.” Mostly though, it’s just an excuse for the TPB stars to repackage some favourite gags and pull off a bunch of new ones, ostensibly to promote their March, 2013 return to the big screen for a third feature film.

The concluding, Bubbles-led sing-along medley of Rush’s “Closer to the Heart” and Sunnyvale Trailer Park hit single “Liquor & Whores” puts the extra “jalah-pehno” on a zesty, mordant good time, and rounds out a live package that justifies the 50-dollar-plus ticket. After all, a rowdy crowd and getting drunk and stoned with your friends and family, they Boys remind us, is what Christmas is all about.


Richy, aka Full Course
You can “call him Full Course, or just Richy,” but when I talk to hip hop heads, I call him one of the city’s illest doin’ it. If you’ve ever had a few too many at the Blue Dog and been helped to the door early, you’ve already met him.

If not, his debut Entrée still tastes fresh, one year later, and rumour has it the MC/producer has a new EP in the works. Instead of getting yourself kicked out of his bar, get acquainted on Bandcamp.

And first, feast your eyes on this – a truly dramatic, gritty and gripping new vid for “Real City Reppin’,” starring homie Jenn Wade and Sabine from le Belmont in a totally fresh spin on the art of the hip hop visual. Looks like it’ll have a sequel.

Here’s what’s really reppin’ around the city this week:

Thursday – Two biggies tonight. Hometown hero Kid Koala brings his 12-Bit Blues Vinyl Vaudevile Tour, with its promise of puppets, robots, dancing girls and so much more, to Theatre Corona.

At le Belmont, rap legend J-to-the-muah – that’s Jadakiss – warms the speakers with openers IBlast, Boy6lue, Frenchi Blanco and DJ Mike Mission in the ring for what is sure to be a memorably trill occasion.

Friday – Lyrical local duo Strata-Gems – that’s Buddha Child and Keeto – throw a combined album/video release jam at Underworld, with Rico Blox, Markings and DJ Richs on the assist.

And in Dorval, a new event goes down at Macallan’s. U Think U Can Rap is what you think – 10 nevah-hurd-o’-yuhz competing for the cash. Yeah, sounds trashy, but it appears acts are vetted in advance and, this being a David Hodges-backed affair, it’ll be a good time.

Saturday – Sadly, Ephiks, Egypto and Naes aka Toast Dawg pull the plug on their Pow Wow after seven years. Good news is, Toast Dawg launches launches the Love Loop EP that night, and friendos, it’s bangin’. The funeral/celebration goes down at Inspecteur l’Epingle.

Meanwhile, Peer Pressure meets rainbow-reppin’ NYC rapper Le1f at Underworld.

Or maybe you just want a Fine Mess. The monthly “art battle,” brought to us by the Fresh Paint Gallery team, picks it up for round seven outside their former digs. Might get a little cold but rest assured the good folks at Fresh Paint are doing their best to get a roof back over our heads real quick. Meanwhile, wear a warm smock. ■ @Shinecultmtl

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