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Shine on Scynikal, an anti-bullying PSA by David Hodges + the best Halloween parties & hip hop events this week (and into November)

I’ve been taking a little bit of a break from going to shows lately. Summer and fall were insane. Actually, for about the past year straight, I’ve been privy to high-calibre hip hop/soul entertainment at least bi-weekly, not to mention the decent-to-good stuff in between — and, thankfully, not too many stinkers.

To paraphrase an old Eddie Murphy line, though, I thought it would be wise to cleanse my palate before Ritz crackers start to taste like plain ol’ saltines, if you get me. It’s sad to catch yourself yawning in the middle of a show that sold out months ago (no offense to the Weeknd).

But I’ll put an end to my little show hiatus with a filthy double-header on Nov. 17, which finds Death Grips at the Corona and, later that night, Blockhead at the Belmont. Whatever Nov. 18 is, it’ll have to do without me.

Coming up before that, Montreal’s hip hop community marks a sad anniversary with an upbeat occasion. A tribute party for late local promoter Dutch Garner, thrown by his dad Ken and featuring the A-list of local talent Dutch was so devoted to, happens on Sunday, Nov. 11, at le Belmont, from 7 p.m. Keep ’em peeled for more news as the event draws closer.

Make sure to pick up the November print issue of Cult MTL as of tomorrow — amid all the fine features therein, you’ll find my interview with local treasure Jai Nitai Lotus.


Whether ripping apart chumps on the battle circuit, wrecking stages, make-up and hairdos with his MurderFace colleagues or putting it down in the booth, Scynikal is one of Montreal’s rawest and most original. His hip hop ethic is strong, and he suffers no fools. His debut EP, last year’s Hope & Psychosis, was raw and righteous, and round two, Rap Over Fist, takes ’em apart in nine easy slices. Scyn does right by lovers of real rap shit.

 SHINE ON VISUAL: David Hodges takes on the bullies with a touching tune and vivid message.

Now, just ’cuz I won’t be there doesn’t mean you shouldn’t:

Wednesday – Well, obviously you want to go to A Cult MTL Halloween party at Royal Phoenix.

But that doesn’t mean you should also stop by Blue Dog for We Trippy Mane (A Halloween Function) with DJs Ledisko, F.U.N.K., Raisinz and Disobey. Cool music, good drink specials and a 40-ounce of vodka for the best costume. If I were going, I’d go as Wavy Gravy.

Thursday Tokyo Thursdays marks day one of Movember stubble with Montrilla and Shash’u on the cuts.

Friday – The Franco Proietti Morph-Tet get down on the floor at BBAM! Gallery from 9–11 p.m. to start the night. Entry is $7.

Also that night, dope Japanese DJ Sarasa (aka Silverboombox) brings hip hop, house, breaks and more all the way to Nesta Bar.

Keeping it local, DJs Bain Magique and F.U.N.K. make Love Disco Style a SureThing for $3 at la Sala Rossa. ■

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