Sweet Tooth: Yo’ Dough Halloween pumpkin cookie

Sure, you could eat a bag’s worth of miniature chocolate to satisfy your Halloween-related sweets cravings. Or you eat an amazing gourmet cookie the size of your face. This cookie.

Yo’ Dough’s Halloween cookie is a seriously sweet seasonal delight
Photo by Erika David

Candy for Halloween is so predictable, don’t you think? No shit — candy is Halloween, and Halloween is candy. But wouldn’t it be nice to have other goodies to add to our greedy piles of sweets?

This year, I’ll be upping my sugar intake with Yo’ Dough’s scrumptious Halloween pumpkin cookies. And if you know what’s good for you, you will, too.

One cookie sells for $2.50 — money well spent, because it’s delicious and the size of my face. Big chunks of pumpkin pie and white and milk chocolate are folded into the orange batter and baked to a not-quite-cooked state. Greasy pieces break apart in all the right ways, and its cakey crumb is dense and gently spiced with just a kiss of pumpkin.

So sweet and alarmingly fattening, but too damn irresistible. Have a hot beverage or a glass of milk at the ready and get set, go.

Frightening fact: this Halloween pumpkin special is a fleeting cookie, so make it a priority to check in at one of these retailers (call first to make sure they’ve got some in stock) to take care of business before it’s too late. Or else you’re in for a good scare. Followed by regret.

Erika David blogs about her food adventures in Montreal at This is Why We’re Fat. Follow her on Twitter @erikadavidMTL.

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