Spooky Sounds: Zombies, witches & menacing weather

Scare your roommates, parents, pets, neighbours, trick-or-treaters and yourself with these classic horror themes, and a video that some have called the 21st century’s “Thriller.”

Dario Argento’s classic 1977 film Suspiria, scored by Goblin
Even if you’ve taken the slutty or goofy approach to a Halloween costume, you know that today is all about spooky. And classic horror movies. So as you get ready for tonight’s party and/or greet trick-or-treating tykes at the door, play these spooky sounds and scare your neighbours. And yourself.

Goblin, Suspiria theme

The Italian prog rockers worked closely with director Dario Argento to craft cinematic music that also stands alone. Look no further than the Suspiria theme in order to understand how shit can get real eerie real quickly. Best listened to while chopping wood alone next to your log cabin.


Fabio Frizzi, Zombi theme

Frizzi’s synth-heavy score to Zombi (aka Zombi 2 aka Zombie Flesh-Eaters… You can read more about that whole debacle here) complements the visuals to an especially gory flick. Best listened to while walking around alone in a desolate area at night.


John Carpenter, The Fog theme

Yep, the horror director composes soundtracks too — his themes for Halloween and Escape From New York are two other examples of his work. Best listened to in a candlelit basement.


Kanye West, “Monster” (w/ Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Justin Vernon & Nicki Minaj)

The song isn’t as scary as all that, but the video is wall-to-wall ghouls. Also, there are people dressed as zombies.

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