Dave McMillan: On hipsters outside his restaurant

Dave McMillan, co-owner of Joe Beef, talks about the hipsters outside his restaurant.

Dave McMillan. Note the plaid.

On why he loves hipsters:
Just because he makes fun of ‘em, doesn’t mean he hasn’t got a place for them in his heart.

“[When I was their age], my friends used to get hammered and fight each other and try to fuck girls,” McMillan says. From observing a staff of between 20–30 young people, he’s grown to admire their kind nature and intelligence, their multitude of cool projects, their interest in good food and natural wine and their dinner parties, for which they buy really good oysters. As a result, he says, “I’ve enjoyed working more over the past couple of years.”

“The staff is my inspiration. I’m 40, so I’m becoming to be super uncool. I’ve been around too long; I’m like a McDonald’s hamburger to them,” McMillan says. “I don’t give a shit. I love that they think I’m a dinosaur.”

Hipster one-liners:
“The hipster who lives above my restaurant is playing ‘Imagine’ on his didgeridoo.”

“The hipster behind my restaurant is foraging wild edible greens to make tea for his bandmates in a band you’ve never heard of.”

“Our hipster bartender is sad but happy his great-grandfather died, because he just doubled his wardrobe.”

“Our hipster wine steward only drinks natural wine and might get fired for wearing a sheepskin vest.”

“The hipster’s iPod is blank ‘cause he likes music that hasn’t come out yet. ‘You’ve never heard of Dynamite Fuckstick?’”

“Hipster outside my restaurant caught jeans in chain of his fixed gear bike… he has a bow tie on… heavy black frames… I locked the door.” ■

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