Dave McMillan: On hipsters outside his restaurant

Dave McMillan, co-owner of Joe Beef, talks about the hipsters outside his restaurant.

Hammered dulcimer by TRF_Mr_Hyde via Flickr

On St-Henri hipsters:
“The Mile End is old news. The hipsters think there are too many hipsters in the Mile End, so they all moved to St-Henri. Now they all go to Bar de Courcelle because the owner of Campanelli owns it. Now they only play the radio in there — fuck DJs, fuck music! You go to a bar and listen to the radio.”

On hipster jokes:
“I Googled hipster jokes for fun, and I went onto the Vice magazine site — it says ‘hipster jokes are so 2009, get over it.’ That’s the irony! It’s the hipster [bible] telling the hipsters that hipster jokes are over!”

On hipsters outside his restaurant:
The hipsters outside his restaurant haven’t stopped being weird, though his Twitter jokes have subsided.

He recently witnessed a white girl with dreadlocks and Mork & Mindy suspenders towing her mattress and other furniture with a carriage she built and attached to her fixie.

And then there was this guy: “One day, there was a lineup in front of the Corona Theatre and there was a guy there who was dressed with red Wayfarer glasses with no lenses in them, a black and white polka dot shirt, super tight Levi’s and [Vans for girls], and he was playing hammered dulcimer — that you play with these little hammers.”

“Every day this happens! Especially now that Evenko took over the Corona, there’s even more weirdos.”



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