The Pink Noise’s time is now

The Pink Noise, photo by April Lea

While throngs of local rock ’n’ roll groups stagnate in Dep City, opting for partying over performing, Mark Sauner maintains a sense of direction.

“We want to do this next record, and we want to get it on a label,” he says. “We’ve been working hard on these songs, and we want to have really good production and bring all our talents together.”

Sauner is the frontman and founder of local weirdos the Pink Noise, a group lovingly dubbed “the most nihilistic band in Montreal” by AIDS Wolf (RIP) singer Chloe Lum.

While their sound is drowning in despair and snark, both Sauner and guitarist Graeme Langdon are bursting with positivity when it comes to discussing the current state of this passion project. The typically demure Langdon gushes about the presence of a “very special magic” in the band right now, referring to the recent additions of keyboardist Matt Samways and drummer Tara Desmond. The Pink Noise will begin to capture that magic next weekend, when they start recording in Toronto.

Though he’s known for his bleak electro-punk offerings, Sauner claims that the next Pink Noise record (due to be released in spring 2013) will have more of a pop sensibility and sound less characteristically lo-fi.

“It will sound like a record,” he says. “The last records didn’t sound like real records to a lot of people because they were on four-track or had too many weird instruments and weird samples. This one will be more straightforward, but with lots of interesting touches on it.” ■

The Pink Noise headline with support from fellow Montrealers Jef Barbara, Mac DeMarco and DJ JP at Divan Orange on Thursday, Aug. 23, 9:30 p.m.

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